Blog change!

Hey guys I’ve just moved over to the blog

I’m working on a big projects with njc. I hope you guys like it and enjoy our new blog

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welcome back, i guess.

Hey guys, I guess you did noticed that WE didn’t posted for a realy long time.

I want to excause for that because we been realy busy with life/school/and even gfx.

Well for now I’m gonna try to post sometimes, not every week but hopefully 2 times a month. I can’t tell you if Tinay or Ray will help me but for now ❤ thanks for checking.


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Era sisters and Classic sisters only girls helps you, takes care of you, loves you, become your side when your on a fight and sisters are everything! i love you sisters!
Classic Sisters: JellyBelly, Stella and Clarry! i miss you three so much ❤ and Star wasn’t that close but i have girls call sisters but not that close sisters. I count JellyBelly, Stella and Clarry because they’re only ones in classic for me and Star was never on! i love you wifey Sakura and others girls in classic ❤ thanks for being wif me until now. Thank you JellyBelly, Stella and Clarry :)! LOVE YOU!
Era Sisters:Tinay, iPink and Leopardeye my only three really close ❤ and iBasant, Mysterio Girl etc i love you<3 and thank you ❤ for being my sisters :)! Tiany iPink Leopardeye 24/7 kik group :D! Never ever leave me behind! I love you all and thanks for being my sisters and trust each other and being my side for ages<3 LOVE YOU!
Guys&Girls:  Thank you guys&girls as friends and brothers from era and classic!

Just letting know who I should thank to and who was with me until then 😀 ! i love you all and thanks for good memories =)!

I Love You Don So Much<3




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Hey! iRayRay back! sorry been busy in real life don’t have time for blog because too lazy to go on laptop!
Things are back to normal like it used to be…I had fight lots ages ago with some old sisters and brother and some friends in era. Now they are normal like it used to be but that’s good=)! Don makes me happy sooo happy more than anyone else made me. I love you iPink, Tinay and Loepardeye you three always there and really close to me 24/7 we kik <3! and help each other’s problems– its what real sisters are called :D! It’s almost 3 months dating with Don! but i know things gettin stupid :/ people makes up a lie that i flirt with ex even thought theres nothing between us :(! cant ex be friends? but seriously this is just a game stop these dramas im sick of it! believe the person who you love….! dont believe what others says, the more you keep someone the more people’s jealousy makes your relationship ruin. I love Don in real life i dont care what people says but his my future im going forward to the future and in real life not the game. Also i think this is my last year playing era…and no more much because i wanna study hard >.< my study really low i suck at study. If i study then go to University…..Don and me might meet :o! But don’t ever let anyone ruin your relationships follow whats in your heart dont believe what other people said and people does ask me sometimes if i have a secret that keep someone longer, lol no i dont have secret i follow whats in my heart i dont believe other people i believe the person i love. If you get bored of the person after 2 days why you wanted to date her/him then? i have no idea why people in era dates for 2 days the breaks up then later they have another bf or gf this is just wow it does hurt. Anyways I found my true love and i will never let someone ruin our relationships…4-5 months playing maybe then i wont have time for era much i wanna study and get good grades then in 2 years i can meet Don ❤ bet some people happy for me to leave its not like i might quit era is fun game xD i will get on when i have time p:! if the person you love lies to you when someone said something about him/her and you trying to make sure if she or he telling the truth but actally she/he lied…then that means that person doesnt actally love you or trust you then dump them. If you have relationship problem give me a pm xD i will try help if i can cuz i think im good with relationships :D!


Don’t Let Someone Ruin Your Relationship, Be With Someone Who Can You Happy<3!
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For the best bro in the World <3


Nick(Njc) is my bro on graal, I dont know him that long and that’s pretty awesome that we can talk like realy close but dont even know each other that long. I met him first time when he dated myold sis Sara and he was always so nice to her, he gave her so much Love and I got pretty jealouse ;P
Anyways they were the perfect couple but than she broke up and let him go 😦 I mean, why?!? Ya and after that we kinda got closer friends and talked every day and I think I had a crush on him :O
Me and him got bro and sis and I’m so happy that we are that close and not had like that dump realationship and would have end without each other.
This all happened when he wasn’t a pr but now he got one and I am realy proud of him 🙂 He makes a good job.
Nick, I Love you soo much my cutie bro 😛 Never without you

Forever in Love, iPink

PS: I will hopefully add some halloween heads here so don’t worry but i was pretty busy last time!

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Star Power♥

Hey Graalians,

This is iPink and today I’ma show u my newest creation 😛 I was pixeling around with some ideas of older heads and suddenly, I had Nikki Minaj o.o

I hope you know her but woow isnt it 😀 well I made her in her ”natural” hair colors so pls don’t be mad 😀 Oke well Love you guys and of corse read like always the terms of use before uploading!

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Noobz Style

Hey guys its iPink

I freshly made these new fancy heads and i LOVE them!

Its just edited of 2 free hats that the ”Players” wear.

I hope you like them as much as me 🙂


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